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1901 Marketplace is the next phase in the renovation and update of the Cal Poly dining experience. Following years of planning and feedback, Cal Poly Corporation broke ground in 2021 on a $30 million renovation of Building 19, the former home of The Avenue and 805 Kitchen, and the campus’s longest operating food service complex. Paying homage to the facilities storied past, the renovation will create a gathering place at the center of Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing culture, allowing it to continue to fill the role it has successfully played for decades.

The new 1901 Marketplace, named with a nod to the year of Cal Poly’s founding, will offer more on-trend dining options in an open marketplace design inspired by the Ferry Building in San Francisco, Chelsea Market in New York, and Krog Street Market in Atlanta. Nine separate venues, each with a unique culinary niche, ranging from Mediterranean, Mexican to sandwiches will meld with national favorites like The Habit Burger Grill, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express and local vendor popups. In the center of campus and at the heart of Cal Poly, 1901 Marketplace will open to the campus community for the start of the 2023-24 academic year.

The new 1901 Marketplace will serve as so much more than the humble cafeteria that it so faithfully performed as for so many years. This renovation will create a student focused gathering place where campus community members of all walks can visit and nourish so much more than just their appetites. They’ll experience new foods, new conversations and new opportunities.
- Cody VanDorn, Chief Executive Officer, Cal Poly Corporation


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Cal Poly Corporation

Our project for the renovation of the Campus Dining Complex in the University Union, 1901 Marketplace is well under way. Construction for the renovation is currently being done. For more details, visit https://t.co/863TkWVa7z #cp1901 #deliverthedifference #calpoly https://t.co/pPO9ntg7YO

Sep 27, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

#Didyouknow that the Corporation is responsible for 20,000 meals served daily? #cp1901 https://t.co/RhN2VUpjo4

May 24, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

Following months of feedback, the re-imagined Building 19, the former home of The Avenue and 805 Kitchen, will be named 1901 Marketplace. Get excited for nine separate food venues including national favorites! For more information visit: https://t.co/863TkWVa7z #cp1901 https://t.co/m2UVYrdiVH

Apr 08, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

Some encouraging words to help with acts of kindness today. #MotivationalMonday #CalPoly #cp1901 https://t.co/Doy7h62uDI

Jul 25, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

Recognize this place? What used to be Poly Deli is now the rough framing for the Forum interior in the new 1901 Marketplace. The Forum will be a space for students to meet for various functions and is a joint project of CPC and ASI. #cp1901 https://t.co/7krNI40Zek

May 17, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

We're #hiring a director for our Real Estate Development and Services division to oversee capital projects like the renovation of the Campus Dining Complex in the University Union, 1901 Marketplace. For more job details, visit https://t.co/0tsPl9ZzjY #cp1901 #workdaywednesday https://t.co/5hh3pBVsn8

Jul 13, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

#Didyouknow that the Cal Poly Corporation is a significant sponsor of the Mustangs athletic program? CPC donates $150,000 annually, providing free or reduced meals for student athletes. #TopicTuesday #cp1901 https://t.co/5O8Apy6xgl

May 03, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

An inside look at the new #cp1901 marketplace! Here is a picture of some of the proposed interior finishes by the 1901 Marketplace's design firm, @MesherShing. This view is looking toward the entrance at Mustang Way. https://t.co/OCtYchS4tW

May 31, 2022

Cal Poly Corporation

1901 Marketplace (formerly The Avenue) is well on its way! The rough framing is being completed and the structural steel for the glass roof connecting the north and south buildings is being installed by the crane. Can't wait to see what this venue has in store! #cp1901. https://t.co/qE3e0MafqH

Apr 20, 2022